Izzat Osman

Izzat Husin Bin Osman, born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am currently Master of Architecture student at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. I am graduate of Bachelor of Architectural Design graduate with Distinction (2012) and Diploma of Building Design and Technology graduate (2010) from RMIT University.

Originally, I was interested in the technological side of construction specifically in construction details, ESD, and drafting. During the course of completing Bachelors, I became interested in how architecture influences/affects the social conditions; such as the people scale by Jahn Gehl, TYIN Tegnestue, Cameron Sinclair and Architecture for Humanity.

Currently, I am focusing on speculative designs and ideas with a keen emphasis on future adaptability and flexibility for growth and expansion.


izzatosman.com acts primarily as a digital portfolio for selected collection of my projects in no particular order. The site will be constantly updated to showcase more recent work; and the blog page will contains more up-to-date information such as previews on up-coming projects, sketches, event highlights, and more information on existing projects.

For further infomation and contact details, please visit the Résumé and Contact page.