Info : Initial Re : Melbourne Central Process + Early Iterations

The finalized project that I'll be mentioning about is the Re : Melbourne Central which was my final thesis project or known as the Major Project in RMIT University. If you're not too familiar with the project, click here and have a quick look.

The project initially begin as a lineage study of Melbourne Central and from it provide a proposal continuing legacy as an expansion/growth for its near future.

After initial reviews and feedback, multiple iterations were made. One of which was a polygonal approach - creating a whole new topography as a secondary public space - and the another was a more pragmatic response; assuming the large under-utilized roof space as one consolidated site and applying a large program which could only exist on large sites. Obviously the latter was chosen; it provided an interesting topic of "what to do when we have restricted space within cities for programs that would normally require a large platform?" Here are the two iterations initial concept images: