Info : Verte 109 Final Banner for Exhibition

Recently, I had received a lot of interest for the Verte 109 project and thought I should upload the final print that was done for the end of semester exhibition. If you haven't seen the project, click here for more information regarding the project; which also includes the flythrough video that was only shown at the final presentation.

The banner print size is an approximate 4 A0 Portrait end-to-end but with a smaller width to accommodate the allowed space - basically, we printed to the max dimensions allowed. The layout was white to vivid colour arranging from top to bottom; where images that suited better with a white background would sit closer to the top (floorplans, sections, diagrams, etc), all the renders/vividly coloured images would sit at the bottom, and the big "moneyshot" taking center place.

image: Verte 109 final exhibition banner. for additional info, visit the Verte 109 portfolio page.

Due to its large resolution, I could only fit two-thirds of the full banner. To view the full poster in 1765 x 8191 resolution, click on the image above - the export quality had to be significantly reduce due to image size.