Review: The Ulin Villa, Bali

If Privacy, Great Services, and Proximity are your main criterias, The Ulin might be the best for you.

A few weeks back, I went on a family trip to Bali and we chose to stay in The Ulin Villa, as recommended by a dear friend [Thanks Fiza!] .


We wanted to avoid on relying on transport travel, so having plenty of choices for food and shopping within walking distance was a massive plus. We chose The Ulin initially because it sat right smack in the middle of Seminyak, Bali, with close proximity to a large selection of restaurants and stores nearby. For those beach incline, there is a Seminyak beach not too far of a walk from the villa - though the beach isn't much to rave about.

Our Three Bedroom Villa

Our Three Bedroom Villa

Arriving at the villa, through the wooden doors, we greeted by a massive swimming pool at the centre of the villa, a large 'living' villa, and 3 bedroom villas with spacious baths. Surrounding the villa are 3 meter tall walls that gave us the privacy to make us feel at home. Even my rather conservative mother felt comfortable enough to dip inside the pool. Having such a large living room and swimming pool, it made feel very inviting and encourages for us jump in it - a welcome surprisefrom a family whom often to prefer sit in their rooms after a long day.

The main attraction staying in the Ulin has to be the service. The entire villa was meticulously kept well cared for and at evenings, flowers were scattered on the grounds to enhance our night (and cleared the next morning). The complimentary high-tea was generous and delicious. Breakfast were complimentary in delivered to the villa; though selections were rather limited and we (as a family of 6) tried almost the entire list in 3 days. Complimentary in-villa BBQ service was also included with a 24 hour notice which was a nice experience as they provided decorations within the villa to set the atmosphere for the BBQ.

Side story of the great service: On day 1 of our arrival, my father asked if they had any fresh coconuts and was told that they didn't have any [nor was it listed in the menu] which my father just shrugged off. The following 3 days, the staff consistently brought fresh coconuts to our villa for all 6 of us without any prompt or request.

The Bathtub View

The Bathtub View

There are a few nit picky items that I could comment if I'm looking for flaws. While the bathrooms were spacious, the bedroom was adequate - not really spacious or felt luxurious - and had no option of split beds. The poolside beds were always damp from the night before (and on arrival). The hotel restaurant had limited selection and rather empty - I had hopes for an omelette station but there was none. But again, minor gripes for an otherwise perfect stay.

It goes without saying, we enjoyed our stay in The Ulin Villa especially the great service provided by the villa and their friendly staff was tremendous. I would highly recommend for anyone visiting Bali.

Overall Rating: 9/10 - Highly Recommend

Price Range: $$$$ - Premium

Location: Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia