Project Mono : Introduction

Project Mono is an ID project I've been working on as a side distraction on my free time. The project is for a two bedroom & two bath apartment unit that was recently constructed on a very, very tight budget.

Plot twist: The apartment is my own. Recently received the keys to my unit.

Due to the restrictive funding of the client [me] is almost an exclusively limited to just furnishings and home decoration; aside from a kitchen extension, wardrobes, lighting, and mirrors - no changes are made to the finishes or renovation of any kind. Included with the apartment was an already built kitchen, water heater, and air conditioning.

The whole concept behind the brief is addition not revision - rather than change the existing conditions of the unit(renovation/repainting), components can only be introduced (furnishing, decor, carpentry).

Stay tuned! I'll share my progress soon.