2112 : Urban network of cyberjaya

Project Type        :     SPECULATIVE

Project Location :     CYBERJAYA, Malaysia

Project Size          :     28940000 sq. m

[cyto]city is speculative, hypothetical urban network for the city of Cyberjaya, Malaysia by the year 2112. Through series of voronoi geometry studies, the network initial proposal acts as a primary link for pedestrians and occupants of the city which in the past few years have predominantly been dominated by vehicular traffic.

Theoretically, the urban network would further subdivide and expand throughout the city, managing various traffics and programs responding to parameters such as density, climate conditions, and required solar gains.The result implies a bone-like structure which acts as the main structure for entire network, transferring required utilities, as well as being the link for the urban network.

Additionally, cell clusters/growths occur around the links creating habitable spaces such as living quarters, labs, and isolated chambers. Whereas the large membrane surrounding the network, mitigates most of the outside heat to terraform livable conditions for the internal occupants - large spans within the membrane also act as public gathering spaces with controlled conditions.

Project in collaboration with Syireen Asyina Ismail and Ye Yuan as part of 2112Ai:Cyberjaya.