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Re : High Street

post-earthquake retail in christchurch

Project Type        :     RETAIL

Project Location :     CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand

Project Size          :     2066 sq. m

Re: High Street is a redevelopment proposal for High Street Mall in Christchurch, New Zealand which was heavily affected during the 2011 Earthquakes. The proposal consists of 3 different buildings, a commercial gallery, public plaza, and residential tower; which occupies the two corner former heritage buildings and the Hereford-High street laneway.

The commercial building is a modern art gallery - the form of the corner building shadows the shape of the former heritage corner building. The public structure is a canopy which sits above the newly expanded Hereford-High Street laneway held by the neighbouring building. with the focuses on centralizing people with actives such as markets, cafe/food courts, and live performances. The residential apartment will respond to the return of inner-city accommodations; with the new tram-link to CPIT and light rail infrastructure, residential buildings would be vital.