Verte One-O-Nine

THe iconic Vertical retail in fitzroy.

Project Type        :     RETAIL

Project Location :     FITZROY, Victoria, Australia

Project Size          :     15120 sq. m

Located across from the famous ‘Naked For Satan’ along Brunswick Street, Verte 109 aims to create an iconic presence by creating a gateway entrance into Fitzroy. Verte 109 concept which consists of three elements – social, sell, and stay – to create a public platform, to provide a custom-tailored retail that contains both production facilities and shop fronts, and lastly to provide a high-density hotel in an area which mainly consists of boutique accommodations. Verte 109 consists of 3 components: The Glass Box, The Void Plaza, The Phantom building.

The Glass Box creates a modest presence by gradually connecting the streetscape heights of its neighboring buildings and provides glimpses to the inner plaza. With multiple bridges entry points, the box acts as an entry terminal to the main building.

The Void Plaza sits below the bridge circulation which provides the plaza a lighting experience as the sun leaks between the voids onto the plaza. The plaza sets as a public platform to encourage events such a music performances, artistic installations, and community markets.

The Phantom building is a homage to the Phantom of the Opera iconic mask where it attempts to mimic the concept of a pristine mask and raw skin through the use of materiality –composite materials would be used for the ‘mask’ and timber and raw concrete would be for the ‘skin’.

Verte 109 creates a journey which begins within the Glass Box or the Void Plaza and through its many interconnecting bridges and leads occupants all the way to the open rooftop cinema where the movie would be projected along the ‘mask’ façade.

Project in collaboration with Syireen Asyina Ismail.